Registration at CICC

To access MLIT resources  the user must be registered.

Step one, mandatory  :

SSO Registration  (

Registration at  LIT resources is only possible with a SSO-login.

SSO – provides access to web documents and some services (, Jinr Disk, PIN, Help Desk, cloud etc.)

 The SSO account requirements are as follows:

1 . login name must be no more than 8 characters (lower case).

2. The desired e-mail must be in the domain.

You can get e-mail by contacting the  JINR Network Service,

e-mail:, phone (496) 216-34-88

To get an SSO login, please contact the JINR Network Service (LIT, room 200, tel. 216-34-88,


Student Registration at  SSO.

For  studens there must be a corresponding order from the JINR Directorate, otherwise registration  request is rejected.

To obtain an SSO login for students, the scientific supervisor must contact the JINR Educational and Scientific CENTER to complete the documents.

Administrative requirements:

Curators for work with students:

Kiseleva Natalya Sergeevna, LIT building, 4th floor, room. 425, Phone: +7 (49621) 64273, E-mail:

YUDINA Tatyana Anatolyevna; building LIT, 4th floor, room. 421;Phone: +7 (49621) 64132; E-mail:

YUDINA Tatyana Olegovna; building LIT, 4th floor, room. 425 ;Phone: +7 (49621) 64273; E-mail:


Step two :

Registration at the CICC farm .

To get an account on the CICC farm need to fill out and submit a registration request. If sending an electronic request fails for any reason, please fill out the following table and send it to

* Full name:
* Desired Login:
* JINR Laboratory or
Home Institute:
* Resources:
* E-mail:
* Project:
* Theme:
* Manager full name:
* Manager e-mail:


Note:  It is necessary to write the topic and the topic leader from the PTP in the request.  

A message on registration will be sent to the address you specified.

Note: Once you change the password   the SSO site or the CICC site, access to resources is carried out with this new password.