About us

CICC is an integrated data-processing resource for all of local and international JINR projects. It comprises an interactive farm, a few computing farms and a data storage system.

CICC purpose  is to provide users with a set of data processing and data storage resources for both local projects’ tasks like MPD, NICA, HONE, FUSION, BIOMED, and international ones like wLCG, EGEE, GRID, PANDA-GRID, CMS, ATLAS, ALICE, lhcb.

CICC is also for applications and services software developers.

In recent years, a number of works have been carried out at JINR LIT to apply grid technologies for processing of non-LHC experiments data.

A data processing management system for the COMPASS experiment on SPS has been developed and is in operation. It provides automatic data processing and management on different types of computing resources. Currently, the computing resources available to the collaboration are the CERN Batch Service, the JINR computing centre and the Frontera supercomputer of the Texas supercomputer centre.

The DIRAC Interware was used to enable the integration of distributed heterogeneous computing and storage resources for NICA MPD experiment simulation. More than 50,000 of Monte-Carlo simulation jobs of the NICA MPD experiment were performed at JINR Tier1 and Tier2 using DIRAC.


Who can use CICC:

JINR users

Attached researchers

Students practicing in JINR

Third party staff participating in collaboration


How to know if you need СIСC:

you are a JINR project participant

your tasks require computing power

you need data storage

you deal with parallel computing

you have to use GRID